Thursday, February 28, 2013

high school dance

There's something special about the high school dance. Maybe it's finding the perfect cloths to wear or getting your hair to fall just right. Hoping you've learned  the steps to the latest dances . Wondering if all your friends and latest crush will be there. Yeah, there's something very special about the high school dance.

Louie Louie  -  Richard Berry & The Pharaohs
Walking The Dog  -  Zoot Money's Big Roll Band
Sally, Go Round The Roses  -  The Jaynetts
What'd I Say  -  Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers
The Bird  -  Jimmy McGriff
Mom, Won't You Teach Me To Monkey  -  Little Emmett Sutton
Candy Man  -  The Buckinghams (Live)
Do The Ginger Snap  -  Little Bobby Moore
Nitty Gritty  -  Ricardo Ray

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