Thursday, March 1, 2012

Esther Phillips

The late Esther Phillips had a distinctive voice and was a great singer associated with many styles of music. In the 50's, an R&B child star at the age of thirteen. In the 60's, a blues stylist who could sing country western songs, and in the 70's, a jazz vocalist who would land a major disco hit. Esther was plagued most of her life with drug addiction and died at the age of 48. I start this weeks collection with Such A Night and also use Mojo Hannah. Esther Phillips never received recognition for her lifelong contribution in contemporary music.

Such A Night  -  Esther Phillips
I Like It  -  The Emotions
I'd Rather Have You  -  The Kelly Brothers
Tequila  -  Wynder K. Frog
It's Better To Have  -  Don Covay
Mojo Hannah  -  Esther Phillips
Who Is She  -  The Lucky Laws
Feel The Need In Me  -  The Detroit Emeralds
Rock Steady  -  Aretha Franklin

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